This all started with me trying to find a bracelet to match a particularly unique necklace. I searched shops in my area, even looking in boutiques, but couldn’t find anything that satisfied me or fit my small wrist. Then I thought, “Why not make one yourself?”

I went to my local craft store and bought the materials. After making a few, I realized that this was relaxing. So, I went back to the craft store, purchased more beads, and continued to make bracelets that I would give away to friends and family.

One day my daughter said to me, “Momma, you can’t keep spending all this money on beads and just giving bracelets away.”

I asked her, “Well, what should I do with them?”

And she said, “sell them”. I told her that if I make a certain number then I would start a business.

Well, it appears that I reached that number, and here I am selling unique, custom, and affordable bracelets to fit all sizes that are created with LOVE.